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Other Stock

Cast Iron Radiator Cover

Slate lid included.

Height: 38″
Width: 42″
Depth: 18″

£1100 + VAT.

Pub Table

This table has been made from two individual, small, round pub table bases. We have removed their wooden tops, hand polished them and added a piece of hardened glass.

Dimensions: Height: 28″, Depth: 38″, Width: 61″

£949 + VAT.

French Wool Bins

Originally from a French woll factory. These bins have cast iron wheels and timber frames.

Width: 37″, Height: 36″, Depth: 24″

£395 + VAT Each

Various Church Chairs

£35 + VAT

Nanny Bath

Miniature cast iron roll top bath with stand circa. 1890.

Was used by the nanny to bathe the baby.

£2000 + VAT. (Re-enamelled)

"Bury St" Toilet Roll Holder

A copy of an original Victorian holder reported to be the first holder able to use unperforated toilet paper.

£145 + VAT

Dolphin Table

This table has been copied from the amalgamation of the various lamp posts that line the South Bank in London. These are also known as the 'Sturgeon Lampstandards'.

They were designed by George Vlliamy and sculpted by Charlse Mabey in 1870 and for the 100 years that have followed, have been added to so that they now extend past County hall to the South Bank concert halls.

The table has been cast in iron and hand-polished. The top stand is changeable to incorporate any glass, stone or timber table top.

£1850 + VAT.

Reclaimed Bespoke Cobbles

These cobbles originally reclaimed from Arsenal football clubs Highbury ground, have had their worn face tops cut of by hand, to 20mm depth to enable them to be laid as tiles.

These were a special order for a client, that was cancelled due to planning refusal.

Qty 65msq. Price £165 per m sq.